Schweppes, for the makers of today.

All around us, you can find people making things in their own distinctive way. By doing so, they are leaving their mark. Just like Jacob Schweppe did when he created Schweppes in 1783.

Here we introduce unique and real makers. We call them the Makers of Today. Discover their stories, ambitions and creations and get inspired. Schweppes, for the makers of today.


Meet the Makers

Cristian Pineda

Mixologist age 25

"With my drinks I try to create moments that people will remember."

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Lorena Delgado

Home Chef age 34

“I want to bring over emotions. Joy, balance, peace, the way food can make you feel.”

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Paloma Lanna

Fashion Designer age 25

"It’s really hard to believe I get paid for doing something I love in such an honest way."

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Discover recipes by the makers

Bitter Julips

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Russchian Refresh

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Honey Im Home

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Berry Ginger Lemonade

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