Forest Dry Gin: A homemade Belgian gin

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Belgium has graced us with a new brand of Gin: Forest Spirits. Inspired by our different seasons and their complementing taste, four different gins will be introduced. With Spring and Summer versions just around the corner, we’ll initially focus on the two gins that are available right now.

Autumn and Winter are two incredibly well thought-out gins that are a great starting point. Especially the Winter version has caught our eyes for it captivates the perfect London Dry style gin with a soft and round taste. The newest edition: Spring will be released on March 21. It uses rose petals to create yet another distinct taste. If Winter and Autumn are any indication we can expect something bold.

What truly sets any Forest Dry Gin apart is the distilling process. The gin is distilled near Antwerp using their very own ethanol in combination with local ingredients. The gin has a slight milky opacity causing it to stand out from most other gins. The suspended high-grade etheric oils, that have a hard time binding themselves to the alcoholic spirit, cause this.

We highly recommend Forest Dry Gins in combination with our own Schweppes Premium Mixer Lavender & Orange Blossom. The floral undertones in this tonic will enhance the taste of this dry gin.

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